Dairy Goats

 Milk Goats

Iowa Turkey Farm purchased Dairy Goats in 2013-2014.  We have 7 Nubians and 7 LaMancha.  Nubian Dairy Goats originate from the Middle East.  Their distinguishing characteristic is the large floppy ears.  Nubians are known for their high butterfat content in their milk, but on average the produce less milk then other dairy goats.


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The LaMancha goat is the only goat developed in the United States.  It is distinctive breed known for their short-ears and high milk production.  They also have a high concentration of butterfat in their milk.  They also have many different colors but most often are solid with very few markings.  Iowa Turkey Farm has 2 registered La Mancha does.


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We started milking the goats in the Spring of 2014 and could not be happier with the milk.  We have only had enough to drink right now but in the future we are going to try making soap and cheese.

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We have 3 registered La Mancha Does and 1 registered Nubian Buck.  He will need to get a little bigger, but he will make beautiful kids!

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