Beef Cattle

Dad started raising some calves in the spring of 2012.  He started with a few calves from the sale barn and fenced in most of his 40 acres of pasture.

cow pasture







Then he added a feed bunk, a hay barn, and a few more cows in 2013.

cows (2)







In the winter of 2013-2014 Iowa Turkey Farm got it’s first two calves.  One was just weaned and the other was a bottle calf.

Jeff and calf




bottle calf











We found out soon enough that they became very friendly and large 400 pound cows needed to leave our small lot and join dad on his 40 acres.

cow to pa







We plan to raise a few more bottle calves this year and finish them out on dad’s pasture.  Iowa Turkey Farm sells this farm beef for $4 per pound for ground beef.  It is USDA inspected and approved for individual sale.



The cows go from bottle to grain and then to the pasture.  They are fed hay and corn in the winter months.  These are not feed lot cattle, these are happy, farm raised cattle with no unnecessary hormones.  They age out on the pasture and are not fed to butcher quickly.