Incubating Turkey Eggs

Turkey eggs have an incubation period of about 26 days.  The temperature should be as close to 100 degrees as possible with a humidy of close to 50.  We use GQF 1500 incubators and have always had excellent hatch rates.

The hatching begins with pipping. Pipping is when the poult uses their egg tooth (hard, sharp spike on the upper beak) to break the shell.  The pipping poults rotate in the egg to make a complete break around the large end of the egg.

The incubators and the brooder.

The incubators and the brooder.










Hatching takes about 24 hours and the poults are exhausted when they finally are free of the egg.  We keep the poults in an indoor brooder for about the first 3-5 days at 95 degrees.  Then they are moved to an outside brooder house where we drop the heat of by 5 degrees each week until the outside NIGHT temperature is the same.

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